Housed within the Canadian Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation (CCCCA), the UPEI School of Climate Change and Adaptation offers students and researchers the unique experience of learning climate science in the St. Peter’s Bay area of Prince Edward Island, surrounded by diverse and environmentally significant topographies. Students use highly advanced technology such as drones, virtual reality, and “big data” analytics to address the issues of climate change.

  • Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
  • Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning Systems
  • Living Shoreline Coastal Interface
  • Food Security and Sustainability – Sensing and Control Systems
  • High-Performance Computing for Climate Modeling
  • Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Sensors for Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs)
  • Develop and Implement Best Management Practices to Reduce GHGs
  • Energy Systems Modeling under Climate Change
  • GIS, Remote Sensing, and Satellite Imagery
  • Nature-based Climate Adaptation/Mitigation Solutions
  • Climate Policy and Economic Modeling
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